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rapsoil baltic   


We a group of Baltic Companies with increased focus on:

- protecting the environment

- exploiting renewable energy sources.

Rapsoil Baltic is a common project running by Petroleum Traiding Group and Sv Obeliai with purposes to expand on Scandinavian and Europe Markets


sales &    marketing unit    

Petroleum Trading Group througth long and success sales experience understand and appreciate the many challenges faced regarding accuracy, complexity and deadline of International sales.

Outsourcing helps organizations to focus on their core business and create a competitive advantage by reducing operational costs.


  Production UNIT  


- Established in 2005

 - Producing of premium quality goods since 1996.

      - Genuine Lithuanian rapeseed oil production

     - In 2009 6.3 mln Euro invested in the company

- Constant advancement and improvement of production

      - Among the best oil producers in Lithuania.

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